Commercial Carpet Cleaning Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon Commercial Carpet Cleaning

No job too big, no business too small for our executive cleaning

If you are a business or building owner needing to get your carpets, upholstery and rugs cleaned, but don’t have the flexibility to have your entire building shut down while cleaners lug hoses and loud machines around, waiting an entire day to get back to business-then you should consider using Naturally Clean!

Consider these exclusive Naturally Clean benefits:

Carpets are dry in one to two 2 hours!

Most carpets cleaned with the Naturally Clean controlled-moisture process are dry in as little as one to two hours. Unlike other methods where water usage is measured in gallons per minute, our controlled use of water means absolutely NO over-wetting. So, there’s no need do block-off areas for long periods when you really need to use them, meeting rooms can be cleaned the morning of the big event and display floors are dry well before it’s time to open! Just as important to your business are the reduced liabilities since customers and personnel are no longer exposed to hours, even days, of wet, slippery floors.

Professional and Convenient!

In many cases, work goes faster than with other methods. It’s quieter and less disruptive because there are no noisy machines, no annoying water or vacuum hoses, no special parking requirements, and no strong “cleaning odors.” We take great pride in our work and in our appearance. While we’re cleaning your carpets, you can rest assured that we will never show-up in tattered jeans and “heavy metal” T-shirts. We dress as professionals, in uniform, reflecting well on your good image.

Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer!

The Naturally Clean low-moisture system breaks the dependence on harsh detergents and surfactants. After effectively cleaning your carpets, our crystal clear solution quickly dries leaving virtually NO Sticky Residue. Other methods can leave soapy, foaming residues that act like a dirt magnet, causing your carpets to quickly re-soil.

Removes Stubborn Spots!

The Naturally Clean process quickly and effectively removes most spots and stains. Best of all, once cleaned, spots are gone for good.

Unconditional Guarantee!

It’s impossible to guarantee that every spot and every stain will always be removed. But, we’re positive you’ll find Naturally Clean an absolute delight. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we’ll do our best to resolve your dissatisfaction. If you’re still not happy we’ll gladly refund your money!

Put the Savings in Your Pocket!

Fast drying and no sticky residues keep areas available more hours per month allowing more efficient use and higher revenues. Equipment and maintenance costs can be eliminated. Personnel have more time to get other tasks accomplished. Over-wetting is avoided increasing carpet life and reducing liabilities. Our specialized skills, products, and industry expertise bring speedy, cost-effective solutions to your fabric care problems.

Every commercial cleaning includes these steps:

  1. Carpet inspection (addressing all of your concerns)
  2. Onsite written quote (no surprises, no hidden fees)
  3. Deep thorough pre-vacuuming (using enviro-clean filtration)
  4. We carefully move some furniture
  5. Pre-treat spots (baby/pet safe)
  6. Pre-spray (to loosen & emulsify soils)
  7. Deep extraction (remove oily dirt and other pollutants)
  8. Specialty spot removal
  9. Deep thorough post-vacuuming (enviro-clean filtration)
  10. Post inspection to ensure your delight