Our Guarantees To You


“Your Delight is GUARANTEED… or it’s FREE!”iguarantees

If you do not feel that our cleaning is the most thorough you have ever seen, call us and we will return promptly to re-clean the area. If you are still not pleased, we will gladly refund your money.”


The Naturally Clean 7 Day Re-Clean Guarantee

If you accidentally spill food or drink on your freshly cleaned carpets within the first week after we cleaned¬† it for you, don’t worry we will come back and touch it up for you at no charge.


The Naturally Clean 30 day guarantee that no spots will return

Some stains are permanent, but if we are able to remove a spot, we guarantee if will not return. Our cleaning process is designed to give you the longest lasting results possible. If a spot does resurface, it will usually do so within a few days of the cleaning BUT we will give you a full 30 day guarantee.


The Naturally Clean 6 month guarantee against permanent stains

With our “Healthy Home Package” service option, you get a 6-month guarantee against permanent stains. This means that if you spill something on you carpets and cannot remove it with Naturally Cleans spot remover, give us a call and we will remove the spot for you. If we are unable to get the spot up, we will refund your money for the stain guard we applied. (Note: Bleaches, dyes, pet urine, vomit and other chemical agents discolor the carpets as well as normal re-soiling due to excessive traffic are not included in this guarantee.)